Let’s play a game.

  • Omar Little
  • Tony Soprano
  • Jax Teller
  • Walter White

When you wake up tomorrow, three of these men will want you dead, and one is on your side. But you get to choose who’s coming after you and who’s helping you. Who do you pick to have in your corner?

Some spoiler-free Breaking Bad predictions:

Check out Walt’s face after he did the deed

He’s all like “Oh fuck, did I do that.”

So he utilizes Lydia’s access to industrial shit to build a time machine, to go back in time to stop himself. But he can’t shoot himself, that would create a paradox (right?) so he sends Jesse back. The goal is to kill Walt before any of this mess can happen. Jesse goes to Badger and Skinny Pete, remembering what they said earlier in this season, and recruits them for this mission. However, just before the machine is about to go back in time, Walter loses it again and fires at them to stop them from carrying it out. This results in two things:

  • The death of Badger
  • The time machine is scrambled

So after going through time and space, Jesse, Skinny Pete, and Badger’s corpse wind up in a desert, hopelessly lost. They see something in the distance - a bunch of people, on horseback. They get the people’s attention, only to learn that they are a Union patrol behind enemy lines in Civil War-era Texas, dispatched to rescue their major, who has been captured by Confederates, and looks exactly like Badger.

This is where we will be left at the half-season finale.

Now shipping Jesse and Lydia.

Andrea’s gone now. We haven’t seen Lydia’s husband, maybe he’s dead or something, idgaf. But she’s got a kid, and Jesse’s great with kids. Plus he saved her life already. It’s like they’re setting it up specifically for me to ship it and then have my dreams crushed because Lydia’s evil or s/t.

She’s super uptight, but little by little, he’s going to teach her to unwind. It’s the smash hit romcom of the summer.

I wish that I could travel to the alternate universe where Matthew Broderick plays Walter White, just to see the fanmade video where he says “Stay out of my territory” and then “Oh Yeah” by Yello starts playing.

So evidently at Comic-Con, Vince Gilligan said that this season of Breaking Bad has more subtitles from German than from Spanish.


1) possibly how can he not unless Walt breaks/broke into Gus’s office to retrieve it, 2) yes and tbh I think Hank will be lucky to survive the first half of the fifth season

considering the nature of his job, Walt’s increasing instability, and how close he’s gotten to the truth behind everything, I don’t think Walt can afford to let him live if he wants to continue his underground line of work

he knows far too much already, obliviousness aside

This is all exactly what I’m thinking. But I mean, ugh, if Hank doesn’t even make it past the first half I’m gonna be one sad guy. And here’s hoping that Mike at least makes it to 2013.

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